Opus 94: Concertino for two pianos A minor

Internet Edition compiled by Onno van Rijen

Last update: 15 December 2013

Martha Argerich & Lilya Zilberstein (piano) (2006)
Alexander Kobrin & Pavel Dombrovsky (piano) (2006)
Martha Argerich & Gabriele Baldocci (piano) (2008)
Irena Portenko & Sergei Kvitko (piano) (2010)
Maya Berdieva & Irina Shishkina (piano) (2010)
Anastasia Gromoglasova & Lyubov Gromoglasova (piano) (2011)
Nina Kogan & Yegana Akhundova (piano) (2011)
Vera Hsu & Chiming Shui (piano) (2011)
Catarina Oliveira & Nuno Cernadas (piano) (2012)
Anna Sheludko & Evgeny Izotov (piano) (2013)
Eleonora Spina & Michele Benignetti (piano) (2013)

CDs are listed as near as possible to a chronological order of performance year. Indicated are Label & Code, Performers, Year of Performance (P-Y) and Year of Release (R-Y).

Label and Code Performers P-Y R-Y
EMI CDM 5 69386 2J. Ogdon and B. Lucas (piano)19751996
Swedish Society SCD 1031I. Wikström (piano)19811988
Chandos CHAN 8466S. Tanyel and J. Brown (piano)19851987
Pianissimo PP 21192C. and A. Cann (piano)19911993
Discover DICD 920150R. Plagge and W. Manz (piano)19921993
Summit DCD 171(Transcription for brass band by K. Singleton), The Summit Brass, C. Tupilov 19941995
Sonora Products SO 22566 CDN. Zusman and I. Heifetz (piano)19951995
Centaur CRC 2261(Transcription for brass band) Denver Brass, K. Singleton19951996
Music Masters 67189-2(Arrangement for piano and chamberorchestra), Moscow Virtuosi, V. Spivakov, J. Zilberquit (piano)19971998
CPO 99 599-2Aglika Genova and Liuben Dimitrov (piano)19981999
Jasrac R0681077Tetsu Mashiko & Masaki Nishihara (piano)20062006
Northern Flowers NF.PMA 9941Piotr Laul & Alexander Sandler (piano)20062006
Cascavelle VEL 3102Philippe Entremont & Laura Mikkola (piano)20062007

This list is reproduced from a database containing over 1000 CDs with performances of works by Dmitri Shostakovich and over 500 reviews of these CDs.

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